Local Buying Tips

Buying a home is an exciting time!  But, it can turn stressful if you don't do the first thing first.  Get pre-qualified. This may seem daunting, but you want to know how much you can afford and you have to consider other monthly amounts like Taxes and Insurance. The current Interest Rate will make a big difference in your monthly payment and determining how much you can afford.

Our local banks and lenders are very stable, very wise and ready to lend! The biggest danger is getting online and "shopping" rates with various mortgage brokers. It could lower your credit score and get you with a lender that charges more fees than neccesary.  Any professional Realtor will be able to refer you to lenders that they trust and will serve you as the Buyer.

The market has changed and it is easy to get financing. Credit Score, Income and Debt level, plus years on your job or other source of stable income are all factors. Depending on the type of loan that you want, including down payment amount, I will counsel you and get you with the right lender that will make your home purchase EASY! 


Below you will find some helpful numbers for local services. You will also find more information on the Local Info tab.  I have a long list of professionals for any service you need.  

Internet:  Verizon (city DSL) or Suddenlink (city Cable) - 877-778-2487

Electric:  www.powertochoose.org or Farmers Electric Coop 903-885-1299

Water:  City of Sulphur Springs Water - 903-885-8469

Sanitation/Trash Collection: 903-885-7541 (City Hall info)

Phone: Verizon - 903-885-5663

Pest Control: Raymond Turner - 903-455-2461 or Holmes Termite & Pest Control - 903-885-0215

Lawn, Landscaping and Irrigation Care:  EcoSystems 903-335-8930

North East Texas Farmers Coop - 428 N Jackson Street - for all of your ranch needs - 903-885-3143

Preschool: Kid Central - 903-885-3660, Water Oak - 903-885-8503

For Plumbers, Electricians, Inspectors and more please contact me so I can narrow down your need.